Kayla McBride, professional basketball player, was born June 25th, 1992, and hails from Erie, Pennsylvania. Her illustrious career has included a wildly successful 4-year run at Notre Dame, a stat-laden 4-year tenure for the San Antonio Stars, and a record-breaking year currently for the Las Vegas Aces. During WNBA off-seasons, Kayla has played professionally overseas in Hungary, Russia, and Turkey. Kayla has broken through plateaus and has elevated her game and her stats each year in the league. Her numbers indicate a level of consistency that is matched by few others in women’s professional basketball, earning her some of the highest individual accolades in the game, such as 2015 WNBA All-Star. Kayla continues to push herself out of her comfort zone, increase the versatility in her game, and ultimately seeks to win multiple championships. Around women’s basketball, she has earned the nickname, “Kaymac."

Kayla's off the court endeavors include business, finance, culinary, entertainment, art, family, and friends. She is currently filming a couple of video projects, is active in finance and investing, continues to amass and perfect a collection of delectable recipes, and sets the standard for being an amazing daughter, sister, and friend. Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is of paramount importance, and Kayla allows herself the appropriate downtime and recovery time that proves beneficial for her continued success and achievements both on and off the court. Emphasis is placed on the harmony of mind, body, and spirit, and seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth. The Kaymac21 empire has begun.



Career Milestones

Villa Maria Academy

High School

Erie, Pennsylvania

Notre Dame

South Bend, IN



Drafted 3rd Overall in 2014

San Antonio Stars

April 14, 2014

Euro League           





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